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Your audience are on mobile

Make sure your website is Mobile Responsive

You’re probably well aware that nowadays users don’t just browse websites through a desktop PC or Laptop, there are iPads, tablets, netbooks and smartphones. In fact, as of this moment, there are 1.9 billion users of the Web from mobile and 1.6 billion from Desktop computer.

Is your Website prepared for all these users and have you considered how interactive your website is to Mobile users?

Design once, Publish everywhere

And because Google says so!

We design ONE website to display and adjust brilliantly across ALL mobile devices and desktop computers. This is called responsive design. If you have an old website, make sure to convert it to a responsive design. Otherwise if you are having a new website developed, ensure that it is responsive so that it is easily accessible across all devices.

Google has recently launched an algorithm update that now takes into account your website’s responsiveness as one of the main SEO indicators, so if your website is not already Mobile Responsive, ensure that it is or expect a drop in Google rankings.

User Experience / User Interface

Beautiful AND Effective Websites

With our expertise in design and development we create and design visually stunning websites with carefully considered layout, applied typography and a strong consideration for the user interface and experience to maximise your customers engagement.

It is our aim to maintain this standard of quality not just for viewing on desktop computers, but to ensure optimum performance across all devices so that your website and brand looks professional, engaging and intuitive whatever device it is viewed on.