Beautiful, Interactive Mobile Apps at affordable cost

iOS App Development

Get your app on the App store for iPhone, iPad and iPod

The iOS app market has a different set of requirements and expectations compared to Android. We can develop apps for iPhone and iPad to cover a variety of purposes in business, finance, photography and many more. Our development services will get you through Apple’s review process guidelines and be ready for users to download. Experience has taught us to focus on usability and presentation and you can be sure that our apps stay sticky and don’t end up in a folder at the back of an iOS device.

Android App Development

Get an app developed for the most widely used mobile and tablet operating system

We love creating stunning and technically functional user-friendly apps for Android. A good Android app can really help your business thrive. We develop apps to comply with the required standards in order to be published on the Google Play Android Marketplace. We can develop interactive applications for social networking, travel, business, news and many more.

Native, Hybrid or HTML5?

  • Native app development is specific to the platform (iOS/Android) therefore delivers the best performance and User Experience.
  • HTML5 is a more flexible and cost effective as it can be developed once and published on both iOS and Android platforms. Write once, run everywhere.
  • Hybrid combines the technology from both Native and HTML5. Get the flexibility of HTML5 app and publish your app on any platform whilst still having access to the Native platform features.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages. We can help you choose according to your business requirements and goals.

Responsive Mobile Websites

Want a more engaging and interactive design? Get a mobile-first approach to your website!

It’s easy to confuse a mobile app with a mobile version of a website. Responsive website design is the best solution if you want your users to access the identical website through a smartphone as the one they access through the web browser. Responsive design creates for a better user experience by adapting the website content to the users device.