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Just because Google AdWords seems easy

Does not mean it is!

If you want to avoid the “I’ve spent more money on Google AdWords than I’ve earned” and if you want to see the real results of paid ads, please step aside and let us do the job for you.

It’s a common thing that beginner or even experienced entrepreneurs think they can do it all themselves. It’s also a common thing that they can (you smarty pants you). Especially because Google makes it seem so simple. But these things that can really cost you money if you don’t do them right.

We do the research

So you can profit!

Too many keywords, not enough negative keywords, keywords that are not so relevant. They can all cost you money and bring you a zero return on investment. Why you say? Well paid search is pay-per-click, what does that tell you? Every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay (obviously). If you haven’t done your keyword research right and your keywords are organized like an over-boiled vegetable soup, it’s obvious you’ll be spending more money than you should. Now is that what you really want?

We do the research, we help you choose the right keywords and organize them into nice little groups. We help you decide how much money you want to bid on your keywords increasing your chances of having people click on your site and staying there. Okay, this was really hard to explain without those fluffy terms and jargon, but you’re getting the point here and that’s what matters.

We help you decide what landing pages you will be using for your ads, because your landing pages need to be relevant to the search term. Here we’re speaking of the ads that show up in the search engine results page when you search for a certain term.