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Your logo is the symbol of your business

So make sure it’s a communicates to your audience positively

A logo should be an eye-catching graphic, not necessarily fancy but a design that evokes positive thought and emotion. A symbol that reflects your company’s values. A good logo must be appealing to the viewer in order to make a great first impression. People will remember you by the positive emotion your logo reflects.

Just think of all the famous brands out there that have marked the world with their logos. Think of Google, Coca Cola, Walt Disney and Nike. These are symbols and reflections of what these brands represent. Your logo will represent your company for time to come, you want people to think positive stuff about you and your business every time they look at your logo.

One design, multiple uses

Your logo will represent you on the Web, business cards, office…everywhere

A final logo and graphics design must be provided for multiple uses. You may want to use your logo for the web, your website, email signatures, online advertisements, newsletters etc. We provide web and screen friendly versions and formats and we also provide print friendly formats. Whatever your needs, we will provide the suitable dimensions and format in correspondence with your wishes and requirements.

We design with purpose

So let’s get to know you and your business

In all of our work processes we like to take some time to get to know the folks we’re working with. We pull out the ideas and take note of the message that the client wants to bring across. With graphics the message is crucial. We assemble our team and brainstorm all our ideas to come up with the best solutions that will provide a design that has a purpose and a meaning. After that we provide some design concepts, review them and make necessary modifications. After all of the mods have been implemented and the clients feel “connected” to a design, they choose. We then create the final version in all necessary formats and dimensions.

If you’re thinking, hmmm this is probably too expensive, contact us and we’ll give you a no-obligation quote for your requirements. We design for Web, Logos, Leaflets & flyers, business cards and more.