Digital Copyrighting and why it is very important

Digital Copyrighting and why it is very important What is Digital copyright? This is a legal ownership claim to contents that are published online and covers your data from breach. These content may be digital, media or print. When you get a copyright for the work that you have published online, you are recognised as the original legal owner of that work and you have full rights and control of how that work (online content) will be used. It also ensures that you are in control of all the profit making business that content is involved in. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), everything that is published online is secured under the copyright law, notwithstanding whether it has the copyright sign on the page or not. The copyright law secures all the forms of the contents published online. Digital patenting is the one that brings plagiarism into light. Whenever you are publishing any content online, be it in your website or blog, it must not be plagiarised or it should not match any other work that has already been published online. Plagiarism should not occur under any circumstances. Even if it is done incautiously, it is still taken as an illegal act. Also ensure that the content is proofread, either manually or using a proofreading tool. What is the risk behind not having a copyright? If you come up with some original idea and you publish it online in form of media, print or digital content without first patenting it, you are at risk of the work being stolen and being used by someone else. And remember this thief did not sweat even a drop for that content. The most unfortunate thing is that even if you realise that someone else is making a living out of your work, you will not have any regal right to challenge him or her since there is nothing to show that you are the legal owner of the claimed content. So, what next; where can you acquire a digital copyright? There are different law firms throughout the world that are into the business of protecting the owners of the digital publications. All of these firms are mainly concerned with the Digital rights to download and copy online materials. They also deal with the sharing of news content, textbook material and journal articles. Among the many, one of the very prominent companies is the, which is an International Patent Filing and Prosecution Service that operates in USA and Europe.

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