Standing Out With Your Logo Design

Researching the logo of competitors. Logo’s are represented all over the world. To create a unique and creative logo takes time. Competing companies can be widely known for their logo design along with the name that is attached. A logo designer cannot possibly create the best logo design without looking into the market first. A logo designer has to look at popular brands design and figure out why their logo has some much prestige. What makes their logo more unique than their counterpart? A series of questions must be asked before pen or pencil hits the sketching paper. Websites such as or offer logo contests, but in my opinion, it is better to work with professional logo designers who can meet and adjust to your requirements. Logo design is afterall an iteration process. Josh here at Graftene or the guys at can help with your logo design. Keeping the logo original.         The artwork of a logo must always be original artwork. No one, more precisely consumers, is interested in buying the product of a brand that duplicates someone else’s logo. Of course, it is unlawful to use the same logo as another name-brand, but trying to imitate the logo even slightly is detrimental to business. An original and well-made logo will help the company stand out and possibly generate more sales. The logo’s distinct artwork will separate a company from its competition, hopefully creating a great name for the business within the industry. The process of logo designing.         A logo does not become a logo until there is an original vision set forth. The client will consult the idea with the logo designer before a sketch is created. After vigorous research has been conducted, the logo designer sits down and begins the drawing process. The will view the finished sketch design and decide whether or not the logo will fit with their name. It’s imperative that the logo and the name of the company match together well. The illustration of the logo must be able to provide some type of feeling or give some kind of meaning to the consumer. If the client does not like how the design looks, then he will instruct the logo designer to sketch out a similar or different design. The meaning of the logo.         What will the consumer think when he/she picks up the product and looks at the logo. What feelings will this provoke? Just like it is stated in the above paragraph; a logo needs to be meaningful as well as representative of consumers and the company itself. A logo of a dog on a Coca-Cola product could confuse a handful of people unless the brand and the logo can correlate. This concept should be common sense, however; it is easy to lose sight of what the brand entails when thinking about a logo design. If the logo provokes angry or negative feelings, it should not be used to represent the company. There may be a few exceptions when dealing with negative logos such as Halloween brands and intentionally harmful products. The font and text of a logo.         Not every logo design needs text to be added to it. However, some companies tend to opt for this idea, emphasizing the name of their branding design. There are many modern fonts, but the best font will always be the one that stands out the most, a font that not every company is utilizing. How do you know when the chosen font is the right font? That is solely up to the client and the rest of the enterprise. Take Coca-Cola for example; Their logo is primarily a cursive font. The name of the font is called the Spencerian Script, an old font created by Frank Mason Robinson in the late 1800’s. Imagine the Coca-Cola logo written with a different script. The logo would no longer be unique, nor would people be able to easily recognize it. The populace tends to have an easier time remembering visuals than they do letters and numbering. Coca-Cola executed their logo design wonderfully by using a unique lettering design.

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Five Ways to Make Money Online

Making money online can be great for many people who are looking forward to some extra cash. Not everyone can step outside of their homes every day of the week just to work. A home job on your computer is a perfect example of making money online. Making money online doesn’t mean that you have to consider it a job. An individual may be an independent contractor or someone who sells products online. The routes in which one could take to make money online is many. Let’s explore some of the roads.

  1. Selling Goods Online
If you have a very unique skill in arts and crafts, you could very well be selling your artwork for some extra cash. People will bend over backward just to have a painted portrait of themselves. However, not everyone possesses the talent to draw or paint. Can’t draw a stickman? If you are able to craft together something handy or different, people will appreciate the effort and labor you put into making your product. They will most definitely pay you for skilled craftsmanship. If you are ordering products to sell, make sure that you get special insurance for your products in case they get damaged during transit or you receive faulty stock. If you not a crafts person, maybe you could get into selling Dash Cam’s online.
  1. Becoming a Freelance Writer
If you have the skill to write and research, then freelance writing is a good way to make more revenue. Moreover, it’s a good way of marketing yourself, your expertise and your clients. Freelance Writing jobs are posted on job boards either locally or internationally. This is a perfect full time or side job for anyone who doesn’t want to leave the house. It is also ideal for those who dislike working for employers and prefer to be self-employed. Writers can also choose to create their own blog, many of the biggest blogs started from humble beginnings. If you got a passion for writing and can generate traffic to your blog, there is a lot of potential to monetize your blog.
  1. Web designing
Web design is a job for those who are detail oriented and enjoy tinkering around with web pages. Many people around the world today need web designers to make sure their website looks customer friendly. This can turn into a well-paying job if you are able to hold work consistently.
  1. Posting YouTube videos online
Have an engaging personality you’d like to showcase to an audience? YouTube is a remarkable conduit for making money and building a fan base. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in video gaming, cooking, or just screaming out load in every video. If the viewers like your content, YouTube will pay you for advertisements along with a number of views you accumulate. It is important to know that acquiring a fan base may take some time. Money may have to be invested for high-quality videos before you can really think about getting paid. It just takes patience and consistency.
  1. Becoming a teacher or tutor
Many people around the world would like to have someone help them learn a new language. You are only a few clicks away from connecting with someone and teaching them the basics. If you are a native speaker of a particular language, you should offer to teach someone in need of learning. This doesn’t ever have to be done outside of the house because of inconvenience. Teaching someone how to read, write, or even do math is a way to make money. If the client feels like he/she is progressing by learning the concepts they did not know, they will continue to pay you and even refer you to someone else they know. Teaching someone can extend beyond just teaching someone a new language. You can be a course tutor, creating and selling courses online is a fantastic source of income. Many course tutors go on to sell their courses via their website or platforms such as Udemy.

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