Sell smarter by discovering your leads intent & business insights
Understand your B2B leads intent and value with our AI analysing/enriching your target account, contact, & lead lists.
Giving you the ability to sell directly to the best point of contact!
Reveal the exact behaviour of the companies visiting your website
Understand your various audience requirements based on read interests!

Fulfil a custom sale demand
Turn prospects into customers with precise advertising and email campaigns. Build target audiences using website intent signals and 100+ B2B attributes, identify high-fit accounts browsing your site, and personalize every interaction.

Accelerate revenue with smarter CRM systems
Enrich your CRM, marketing automation with extra data from direct phone numbers, email addresses, company firmographics, technographics, and more on your target buyers.

Sync with any CRM
Fill your CRM with qualified signups, automatically enriched with their social media data, and trigger automated follow ups to nudge prospects along your sales funnel, from inquiry to conversion.

Seamlessly integrate your entire go-to-market stack
APIs, native integrations, and modern webhooks make it easy to push and sync data across the systems you rely on.

We sync with every past and future forms! with zero codes needed!
Our cutting-edge AI system integrates instantly and moulds a custom CRM dynamically adjusting to all the forms on your website!
  • Lead Analytics – Will automatically associate the visitor's past and future session activity with their lead profile. You can view everything they did before signing up and track if they come back in the future.
  • Company and Social data enrichment – Will automatically enrich lead profiles with as much information as possible, such as their job title, avatar, company name etc.
  • Trigger Automated Messages - you can setup automated messages to fire to new Form submissions. For example, send a Nurture Sequence to all visitors who have submitted a Form for a Lead Magnet offer.

How does Lead Analytics work?
Analytics automatically tracks every interactive visitor on your site. When a visitor submits their details through any form, we can associate all their past anonymous data with their new lead profile. This lets you know everything they did before signing up – including activity from previous sessions!
  • Which site originally referred them
  • Important business insight data associated with Lead
  • All website previous history
  • Every key log entry created from forms
  • What they read
  • Custom lead behaviour
  • Playback video
  • Heatmaps